Stay Warm With Puma XS850


Winter is just around the corner (it’s scary how fast the seasons are changing) and outside it’s getting colder and colder for every day that goes by. Puma seems to recognize this with their new model Puma XS850. Not only will you look like a lumber-jack, no you’ll also be dressed in the spirit of Kurt Cobain and the old grunge era. That’s hip now, isn’t it? At first I wasn’t too sure that i liked this new model but the more and more that I’ve looked at it, it’s starting to grow on me. I mean, who wouldn’t like a pair of kicks in flannel? Pick up your pair today and put on your favorite Nirvana album. At least, that’s what I’ll do…


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One response to “Stay Warm With Puma XS850

  1. Chris

    Cool looking kicks! Where can you get these?

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