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Marc Jacobs Sneakers Spring/Summer ’09


I’ve always been a big fan of skilled designer Marc Jacobs but recently he keeps on disappointing me. Once he made the coolest kicks and clothes there was but now he seem to have lost his magic touch. Shown here is his sneaker collection for Spring/summer of 2009.


All of the high tops get the thumbs down (eh.. what was he thinking when creating these monsters) from me but I guess that I wouldn’t have any trouble wearing the low sneaks in the grey. Pick it up Mr. Jacobs or I’ll leave you for good.


These grey I kinda like…


Did someone throw up on these shoes?


These are pretty ok but aren’t they very similiar to the ones Peter Jensen did for B-Store last season?


Why Marc? I just don’t understand it.


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Kanye West and Louis Vuitton


There has been an unbelievable hype surrounding the collaboration between Kanye West and Louis Vuitton. The masterpiece was finally presented on Friday the 23rd of January in fashion capital Paris. Let us just say that we weren’t disappointed with the result. Kanye and designer Marc Jacobs seem booth to favor the red kicks and so do we. If you wish to get a pair you’ll have to go to a Louis Vuitton store in June, when they are released…


Kany West in a matching red scarf…


Kanye couldn’t wait to put on the shoes that he designed himself.


And these are the four colors that these shoes will be available in…

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The Latest From Lanvin


Ok, they are almost identical to the shoes from the last season but what the hey… If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Lanvin has managed to create some of the best looking high tops ever. They’re made in polyester and calfskin leather and come in this beautiful color of “prune”. Yes, they’re filthy expensive ($775!!!) but man how I love these shoes. Better start saving up now…

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Asics in Collaboration with We Sold Out


If you don’t know about the great online store “We Sold Out” – here’s a short summary. The site has always been one of the best in the business when it comes to underground fashion and other cool stuff, such as collectable toys for example. Almost everything in the shop has been extremely limited. They’ve been linked together with Colette, also a top store based in Paris, for quite some time now and just recently they merged into one online store.


Being as ace as they are, companies are lining up to collaborate with them. This time Asics has had the Pleasure of working with them. Together they’ve created some pretty cool looking kicks called Gel Lyte II and Gel Lyte III. At the top you can see the Gel Lyte III that comes with a matching sport bag and below it is the Gel Lyte II and the matching scarf that is included. As they’re both limited to 100 copies they sold out in no time. Better keep your eyes open for the next We Sold Out/Colette collaboration…

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