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Marc Jacobs Sneakers Spring/Summer ’09


I’ve always been a big fan of skilled designer Marc Jacobs but recently he keeps on disappointing me. Once he made the coolest kicks and clothes there was but now he seem to have lost his magic touch. Shown here is his sneaker collection for Spring/summer of 2009.


All of the high tops get the thumbs down (eh.. what was he thinking when creating these monsters) from me but I guess that I wouldn’t have any trouble wearing the low sneaks in the grey. Pick it up Mr. Jacobs or I’ll leave you for good.


These grey I kinda like…


Did someone throw up on these shoes?


These are pretty ok but aren’t they very similiar to the ones Peter Jensen did for B-Store last season?


Why Marc? I just don’t understand it.


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Kanye West and Louis Vuitton


There has been an unbelievable hype surrounding the collaboration between Kanye West and Louis Vuitton. The masterpiece was finally presented on Friday the 23rd of January in fashion capital Paris. Let us just say that we weren’t disappointed with the result. Kanye and designer Marc Jacobs seem booth to favor the red kicks and so do we. If you wish to get a pair you’ll have to go to a Louis Vuitton store in June, when they are released…


Kany West in a matching red scarf…


Kanye couldn’t wait to put on the shoes that he designed himself.


And these are the four colors that these shoes will be available in…

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The Latest From Lanvin


Ok, they are almost identical to the shoes from the last season but what the hey… If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Lanvin has managed to create some of the best looking high tops ever. They’re made in polyester and calfskin leather and come in this beautiful color of “prune”. Yes, they’re filthy expensive ($775!!!) but man how I love these shoes. Better start saving up now…

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The New Nike’s Doesn’t do it for Me


I just checked out the new Air Jordan 1 Retro High model that is set to be released in 2009 and I have to say that they doesn’t do it for me. Sure, the model is a classic that I love but the new colors are just… I don’t know – just not that interesting maybe. They’re not ugly or anything like that but they’re not that nice either. I know that Nike can do better than this so let’s hope for better things in the future. My favorite? Hmm… Probably the blue one above.


Bright colors seem to be the thing for 2009…


Without a doubt the ugliest – I know that I said that I didn’t find them ugly but this one really is ugly.

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Vans for springtime


So is Christmas finally over… I must say that even though I love this holiday am I glad that it’s over and done and it’s also good to be back at work. I’m one of those people that actually love to work so that’s a good thing. Anyways, I’m kinda excited to see what kicks that are going to blow my mind this spring. I’ve already fallen in love with these green “crocs” from Vans. A little color in the spring is a must and this model from Vans is a classic so you can’t go wrong with them. I’m actually wearing the Vans/Lucien Pellat Finet collaboration as I’m writing this. Yes, they’re a few years old now but I still love them. The new “crocs” style is pretty subtle even though they’re flashing green. I say that they’re a go!



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Vans Pay Tribute to Their Heroes

According to Wikipedia is an iconoclast “A person who actively participates in dialectic arguments to prove two opposing views wrong. A destroyer of sacred images, points of view and cultural ideals for the sake of promoting awareness through realism.” Now skateboarding company Vans has decided to honor some true icons that for sure have had a huge impact on cultural ideas and everything that is real. Because can you say anything else people such as Lemmy from Motörhead, Henry Rollins and Stacy Peralta. The totally excellent boutique Colette in Paris also managed to squeeze their way in as an ICONoclast. Please visit the Vans website and read the stories these people have to tell.

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Air Jordan – Obama Style


Not a single person in the world can have missed that Mr. Obama won the election last week (thank God). Basketball star Chris Paul was seen showing his support for the new President with the help of his Air Jordan’s’ and a black pen. Chris Paul wasn’t the only basketball star that showed his support of Obamarama through scribbling his name on the shoes – this seems to be latest trend in the NBA. So, pick up a pen and start customizing your kicks if you want to do it NBA style.

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