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Asics in Collaboration with We Sold Out


If you don’t know about the great online store “We Sold Out” – here’s a short summary. The site has always been one of the best in the business when it comes to underground fashion and other cool stuff, such as collectable toys for example. Almost everything in the shop has been extremely limited. They’ve been linked together with Colette, also a top store based in Paris, for quite some time now and just recently they merged into one online store.


Being as ace as they are, companies are lining up to collaborate with them. This time Asics has had the Pleasure of working with them. Together they’ve created some pretty cool looking kicks called Gel Lyte II and Gel Lyte III. At the top you can see the Gel Lyte III that comes with a matching sport bag and below it is the Gel Lyte II and the matching scarf that is included. As they’re both limited to 100 copies they sold out in no time. Better keep your eyes open for the next We Sold Out/Colette collaboration…


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Vans Pay Tribute to Their Heroes

According to Wikipedia is an iconoclast “A person who actively participates in dialectic arguments to prove two opposing views wrong. A destroyer of sacred images, points of view and cultural ideals for the sake of promoting awareness through realism.” Now skateboarding company Vans has decided to honor some true icons that for sure have had a huge impact on cultural ideas and everything that is real. Because can you say anything else people such as Lemmy from Motörhead, Henry Rollins and Stacy Peralta. The totally excellent boutique Colette in Paris also managed to squeeze their way in as an ICONoclast. Please visit the Vans website and read the stories these people have to tell.

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Design Your Own Shoes from Converse

Have you ever thought that yes, there are some cool sneakers out there but that you probably could come up with the coolest design ever..? If yes, your dreams of becoming a shoe designer now can come true! Go to the official Converse web site and click the “design your own” button – then “start your design” and then… Well, then you’re off! You’ll be in charge of everything from the outside body color to the heel stripe and the lace color. If you want to make them really personal – add an ID on either the heel stripe or the on the outside low rear. It’s all very easy and if you don’t like the design it’s simply to start over. Check out the Christmas sneaker we created above. We like!

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Improve Your Style


Regardless of who you are there are always things that can be done to improve your style. It doesn’t matter if your name is Tom Ford or Hedi Slimane… You will always have off days, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. However, if you want a pair of shoes that will improve your look in an instant I would have to recommend the ones you see above. They’re called Achilles Mid Top and are from the luxurious Common Projects. With these on your feet you won’t have to think about how to feel beautiful – these will do the trick. Maybe you think that I’m exaggerating now but according to me are the shoes the single most important accessory. Or… I don’t really like to call them an accessory – they’re the outfit. The Achilles from Common Project will work just as good at the office, as for a night out on the town

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Air Jordan – Obama Style


Not a single person in the world can have missed that Mr. Obama won the election last week (thank God). Basketball star Chris Paul was seen showing his support for the new President with the help of his Air Jordan’s’ and a black pen. Chris Paul wasn’t the only basketball star that showed his support of Obamarama through scribbling his name on the shoes – this seems to be latest trend in the NBA. So, pick up a pen and start customizing your kicks if you want to do it NBA style.

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Nike’s for Halloween

Ok, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s for sure the season when you can dress up (or perhaps dress down) like a bum and get away with. But why would you want to do that when you can look like a pro?! Nike has released these very cool kicks (part of the Nike Skateboarding Horror Pack) with the theme of Freddy Krueger – you know that scary guy from “Nightmare on Elm Street”. These shoes come complete with blood stains and even though they should be revulting we kinda like them.

Check out the trailer for “Nightmare on Elm Street” and get inspired for a Halloween costume.

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Taking Advantage of Music Stars

Music and fashion go hand in hand – that you all already know and it becomes very obvious when one talks about sneakers. Almost all the major music stars are in some way related to a specific brand when it comes to sneakers. To give you an example of what we’re talking about we thought it might be a good idea to show you some videos where it becomes very clear when music stars and brands, such as Adidas and Nike, scratch each others back.

The classic example with Run Dmc and Adidas

Missy Elliott and Adidas don’t do anything without each other…

Juelz Santana does his part to promote Nike alongside with a dream team of celebrities.

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