New Balance 576 – A U.S failure, A German success!

New Balance 576 Elements PAckage

The New Balance 576 was in the beginning only released onto the U.S market where it did not do well. With masses if fabrics left New Balance’s German sales manager came for a visit and saw an opportunity that would indeed benefit the German shoe-market. With a shipment of all remaining 576 he later returned to Germany where the NB model was well received and sold.

The 576 was dropped from production after years of success only to re-emerge in 1997 where it became a fashion sneaker of its time, craved by every sneaker outlet in Europe.

The New Balance 576 became popular primarily because of its shape, comfort and sleek design. Still on the market today the 576 model has been relased in many colors and fabrics though still keeping its original shape and design. Example above is the NB 576 Elements Package, a new design inspired by three nature elements; Wood, Water and Earth


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